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Precast walls

Precast retaining walls consisting of concrete vertical panels equipped, on the part against the soil, of stiffening rib (buttresses) from the base to the top, laid in place on foundation kerb and then combined by foundation casting.

Prefabricated on order and according to the most various needs, the wall presents an exposed face realised in order to reduce the environmental impact to the minimum: with formwork bottom effect, matrix-effect, or with coating in stone laid in place that ensures a perfect anchorage. In relation to the stone used, the external face is with regular or irregular courses in "Opus Incertum". Realised with modules of variable hight and constant width it is quick to assemble and the high quality of the materials used in the prefabrication guarantees its time resistance. The flat or tapered profile structure if placed offset relative to the wall, permits an interruption and a pleasant aesthetic aspect.


The precast concrete stairs supplied on site are immediately usable: Smooth due to the metal formwork, built according to specific requirements, they are built with different inclinations and sizes. Not necessary plastering or coating/covering of the steps. The precast concrete stairs are appreciated for the high quality, the precision of the steps and the excellent price-quality ratio.


Precast concrete beams with rectangular or inverted-T section created on measure for customers’ requirements.

Double-walled elements

Reinforced concrete double-walled elements dimensioned according to the Italian laws concerning antiseismicity and capable of supporting very heavy loads with exterior coating of variable height between 50 cm and 150 cm.

Concrete plates

Prédalles plates consisting of a slab in concrete reinforced with lattices are designed and prefabricated on order with variable thickness and dimensions according with the use of destination.
Produced in series in the factory offer different advantages:

  • very easy installation, cost-effective and rapid with normal means of raising;
  • reduced time and considerable saving of wood for formworks;
  • suitable for covering civil and industrial buildings;
  • can be used as a disposable formwork also self-supporting in case of ceilings with high capacities;
  • high safety during assembly

The concrete plates have various uses among which the coating of artificial canals.

U Channel

Precast concrete U channel with concrete and steel armor Fe B44K, composed of a monobloc with interlocking heads, equipped with hot-galvanised steel frame anchored to the artifact by clamps embedded in the concrete, provided with holes with welded nut on which to bolt the grid. According with the use of destination the artifact can have variable external dimensions (height and width) and be equipped with a grid suitable to loads to be supported. Realised to support heavy loads it is mainly used for the collection of meteoric waters inside airport and inter-port areas (airport runways, feeders and stopways or dedicated areas).

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are a flexible construction system. Easy to stack without using fixing materials, the blocks are suitable both for temporary and permanent solutions. The locking system provides a perfect solution for the maintenance of walls, storage bays, separation walls, silage pits, salt storage and industrial buildings.

The concrete blocks can be mounted directly by the transport vehicle. A skilled worker easily stacks the blocks by using a crane. All that is needed is only a flat surface. Usually the footings are not necessary. The studs on the upper part and the ends on the lower part ensure that the blocks perfectly fit without using cement or any other fixing materials. The construction is so ready to use in a few hours. Bridge edge beam

Margin element

Asymmetric margin element with redirective barrier profile, wall-mounted, with function of façade to be completed by integrative cast, on the back, to carry out on controlled phases, with EC marking (standard applied 14992).
Prefabricated with concrete resistance class C35/45 and steel armor composed of welded fabric shaped and girders (no. 2 each element) H cm. 9,5 7/5/5.
Dimensions: length ml. 6,00; height ml. 1,00; width ml. 0,32 (base) / 0,06 (top).

Soundproofing panels

Anti-noise soundproofing barrier consisting of precast concrete panels with different types of coatings, aimed to the sound pollution.

Edge Beam with hole

Precast concrete edge beam with hole for the collection and the disposal of waters and/or hydrocarbon in tunnels.

Street furniture

Street Furniture Elements in reinforced concrete among which are pedestrian barriers, tables, benches for parks and equipped areas. The high-quality standard and the possibility of Custom-made products permit to satisfy the various Customer’s needs.





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