Crezza S.r.l. was founded in 1992 and since then it has been active on the market of in concrete prefabrication mostly with products such as road safety barriers, prefabricated segments for lining tunnels, cladding panels and prefabricated walls, as well as with a variety of products designed and made according to specific orders for the more various the construction needs.

In parallel with the prefabrication it has developed the construction company’s activity for the creation of infrastructural works of national and international importance, both outdoors and underground.
Not least to be stressed, our company is present in an increasingly important sector, i.e. the sector of the Passive Fire Protection in tunnels.

Our company, that operates in compliance with the business quality system according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001, holds SOA certification.

Aware of the importance of road safety, in 2002 Crezza, jointly with some other operators in the sector, has created ABESCA - Association, Barriers, Elements, Safety, Concrete - whose mission is to invest in research for increasing protection of road users.

The continued drive toward innovative products, the use of high-quality materials, the attention to Customer needs during all the activities of the production cycle together with the high specialisation achieved in construction activities (“Turnkey” service) have permitted us to become a leading company in the infrastructures and transportation sector with today the major Italian and foreign construction companies as well as the main contracting authorities among our clients.

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